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Federal Military Projects

Air Freight/Passenger terminal Complex - Patrick Air Force Base
Provided MEP engineering design services for multi-use facility that includes 3 separate buildings with unique uses: an air freight/passenger terminal (34,750 SF); an administration/office building (14,905 SF); and storage warehouse (65,695 SF).
Electromagnetic Roll (EMR) Facility - Ingleside, TX
Provided MEP engineering design services for alteration and addition of missile assembly facility for a hazardous explosive environment including: electrical design for the addition/alteration, modification of existing electrical power and lighting systems, and design of ground static/static discharge system.
Mine Recovery Detachment Additions & Renovations US Navy, Southern Division Engineering Command- Charleston, SC
Provided MEP engineering design services for renovation of 13,000 SF technical facility to accommodate special needs of mine recovery unit including training and operations facilities. Training and living facilities were designed for 32 people. Operations area included electronics shop, test beds, engine overhaul shop, chart room, and storage.